Mandriva Linux 2006 for home users part 1

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Article introduction

This article was first written in dutch for the website and was published in the third issue of Digital Magazine of computertaal. I translated the article in English to give it a broader audience and this article was in fact the reason to start this website. As is a dutch website, the english version of this article did not have a place there, so I needed another place. Up till now I never came to creating my own website. This article was just the motivation that was needed to start it.

Up-to-dateness: The original dutch article was written in november 2005. It took quite a while before I had the time to translate it into english. When I wrote the dutch version back in november I have tried to look up everything that I was not sure about (but even then, I might have made a mistake here or there, and a lot is just my own experience which might be different for others, or even just my personal opinion). During the translation I have modified what I knew had changed, but I did not have the time to verify everything on changes since the original article. So, if you would find out that there are some things would better be modified, please let me know via my site:

Table of Contents

Part 2

What can Mandriva Linux 2006 mean for home users?

Do all home users need to make the switch?

Part 3

Make the switch or not?

Taking it all

And why Mandriva and not another distribution?

Part 4

What do you get at the installation of Mandriva Linux?

Part 5

What could be improved?


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This work is governed by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license. In order to obtain a copy of this license, please visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 543 Howard Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

The author to be credited is Wim Coulier (website:

Excellent overview!

Kudos for a job well done! I remember the days five years ago when I started off trying out Mandrake (as Mandriva was called back then). It was a great system to learn linux off of -- it was graphically simple for the newbie in me, but also allowed me to experiment with more advanced features or customizations via the command line (all the whilst being very forgiving). I no longer use Mandriva now and have since moved onto Fedora as my distro of choice -- but I must agree with you that Mandriva probably will stay as my choice for a beginner's stepping stone to their first linux endeavour.

Needs Section On Wifi Support ......

Adding a section on wireless support would help more people decide on Mandriva.

Yes, a section on Wifi

Yes, a section on Wifi support would be good. But as I have no experience with Wifi whatsoever (both at work as at home, I use only wired LANs), I have no knowledge I can share about it. Of course as the article is under a creative commons license, anyone who wishes can contribute such section.



Great article - well done that man!

Love the article, even though Mandriva hasn't been my distribution of choice. You've covered the material delightfully well.

As I see you have it under a Creative Commons license I might well grab it and run through it just to tidy up the English here and there - the content is so good I don't see much else to do it! Drop me an email and when I'm done I'll mail the updated OpenDocument file back to you.

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